Sunday, 27 June 2010

Once more into the breech and a word about the gallant USA

Before we get to today’s matches, a word about the USA. I hope this tournament will be seen as a watershed for the game in the USA. World football can only benefit from a strong USA team and with the resources at their disposal, this should now become a reality. For the American fans new to the game, the defeat to Ghana will be a salutary lesson. Football is a cruel game, in which one very rarely gets a second chance. The USA had numerous chances in the 2nd half to win the game all of which they failed to convert and boom, one long ball and Ghana are ahead. We look forward to see the USA in Rio in 2014.
So far in this tournament we have already had Au Revoir to the Frogs, Arrivederchi to the ities, the question is will it be so long England or Auf Wiedersehn Pet to the Shermans.

The following statement will be read out at 17.29 tomorrow in the House of Commons.
An ultimatum was passed to the German ambassador, stating that if Germany did not withdraw from (read S Africa for) Poland by 17.30, then hostilities between the two countries would commence. Sadly, we have received no reply from the Germans, so we are now at war.

A bit melodramatic, you may think? Not at all, for most English, beating the Hun is more important than winning the world cup, the feelings are mutual.

The Kaiser Franz (Beckenbauer, probably the best sweeper ever to play the game) has fanned the flames by claiming that the English only play in the style known as kick (preferably the opponent) and rush and that the Premier League is not as good as the Bundesleiga. Mr. Capello, himself an Italian who has no love for the Sherman’s , now does not have to think to hard, how to motivate his team.

The history between these two nations in big tournaments is long and full of unforgettable moments, with Jerry definitely holding the upper hand.

1966 England beat the then W Germany 4-2 in the final after extra time, with the did it, or did it not, cross the line goal, an incident which is still argued about today.

1970 in Mexico, England was 2-0 ahead and cruising with 15 minutes to go. A strange substitution and a terrible mistake by the goalie who let the ball through his body (some things don’t change, do they Mr. Green) and W Germany came from behind to win 3-2.

Italia 90, semi-final England 1- Germany 1. Stuart Pearce (current assistant manager) blasts his penalty over the bar. Germany win

Euro 1996, Penalties again, this time another England defender misses and Germany win again.

Most people reading this will see a pattern developing here and maybe will begin to understand why this is such a big game. So get your tin helmets ready, the dam busters are in the air, the great escape is about to begin. In this game no quarter will be given and none asked for and to paraphrase dear Winnie (not the poo or Mandela)
We shall go on to the end, we shall fight them in Bloemfontein. We shall fight them on the field, we shall fight them with growing confidence, and we shall never surrender.

Awaiting the winner of this clash of the titans, will be either Argentina or Mexico. Everybody has been very impressed by the Argies to date, but they haven’t really been challenged yet and have been able to impose their game on the opposition. Mexico will be a tougher nut to crack.

Enjoy a great day of World Cup football


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