Thursday, 24 June 2010

Group D ZE Shermans

In the second set of games today, every team can still go through and the hopes of a continent are resting on the broad shoulders of Ghana. The first world cup ever to be hosted in the Dark Continent has not gone as planned for the African nations. S Africa and Cameroon are already out and barring a miracle the Ivory Coast are almost out. Last night, Nigeria blew their chance, with what will go down as one of the worst misses in World Cup History. Check it out on You Tube. Yakubu miss v S Korea, it has to be seen to be believed.

Ghana only has to avoid defeat to progress, but unfortunately, they have to play against our Friend the Pig Climber and his pack of hunds. I hate to have to say his, but the Germans were unlucky against Serbia last week. The Spanish referee must have lost some of his forebears to bombing by the Condor legion during the Spanish civil war. This is the only possible explanation for one of the most ridiculous and unfair displays by a referee I have ever seen.

This leaves the Germans in a precarious position, a bit like Penelope Pitstop relying on the Ant Hill gang, in the form of Australia to come to rescue her from the hooded claw of Serbia.

The Germans really need to win to make sure of their progress, for if they only draw and Serbia beat Australia, then The Germans will be following France and possibly England back home.

The question is, can Australia manage to finish a game with a full side, so far 2 games, 2 players sent off. They seem to have forgotten that they are playing Association Football and not Aussie Rules, where hard physical contact is an art form. Australia could also still qualify. A win against Serbia coupled with a German loss to Ghana and they go through.

Tonight (kick off 21.30) will be very tense, a lot of beer will be swilled and the Australians will then hope they have a reason to chunder. Come on Ghana and Australia


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