Sunday, 27 June 2010

A bad day for England and Mexico and a look forward to the 3rd set of games

As much as people will say that the goal that England were not awarded turned the game, the truth has to be told. England did not deserve to win. They were bad from their first game and only showed very rare glimpses of their supposed potential. I can not think of one moment, by an English Player which would make as the Americans like to say the highlight reel. So the long wait for another victory goes on and there will have to be a fundamental shift in attitudes toward the game in England for that wait to be over. This is unlikely to happen as the money driven demands of success, do not let teams take time to nurture talent, in the way that Germans for example have done as they showed us yesterday.
The Germans played with a Blitzkrieg style straight out of Rommel’s manual of how to attack, flanking the opposition at great speed, with Panzers coming up through the middle to kill off the shell shocked remains of a defense. They easily could have scored more than the four they did.
In the 2nd game we saw another awful decision, this time against Mexico, which almost caused a riot when the replay was shown on the big screen. The governing body of football FIFA is going to have to come to the realization, that at least for when it comes to goals, they have to rake advantage of modern technology.
Aside from that the Argies look good coming forward but shaky at the back. The Quarter final between the Sherman’s and the Argies should be a cracker.

So England goes into mourning but the tournament continues, it is difficult to predict what today holds after the heavyweight clashes of yesterday. There is no history, in the games today. The Dutch are up against Slovenia, the conquerors of the Italians and I don’t see them making the same mistakes that the Italians did. The Dutch could have advanced to a very winnable quarter final without having had to go up a gear. In the 2nd game, we have Paraguay v Japan. The Japanese impressed everyone with their defeat of Denmark and scored probably 3 of the best goals we have seen so far. Honda who with his peroxide dyed hair is far from civic has found an accord with his team mates, that has taken all by surprise, but Paraguay are very well organized, so this should be an interesting game.

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