Monday, 28 June 2010

Correction for tody's game

In my turmoil over the performance of England, I previewed the wrong game tonight. Brazil is playing Chile, with Paraguay v Japan tomorrow. This should also be another very good game. These 2 teams came in 1st and 2nd in the S American qualifying tournament, and as I have written earlier, the Chileans love to attack. The goals are beginning to flow now, we had 9 scored yesterday and we could see a hatful in this game. The other thing both these teams know how to do well is kick the opponent, so watch out fro a red card.



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  1. Absolutely true that England were (a far behind) second best to the German team yesterday, but it is also true that if they’d gone in at 2-2 , we might not have had to chase the game as much and we might (unlikely, but possible) have had to wait for Argentina to expose how badly we defend.
    Also if the goial had been given, we wouldn’t be suffering posts like mine as poor excuses for a pathetic set of performances.
    Is it the lack of will of the players? The fear of failure? Or the shock of shouting something to a teammate in English and have him actually understand you...