Monday, 14 July 2014

This is the end (Review of World Cup 2014)

This is the end, my only friend, the end
of our elaborate plans, the end
of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end

So begins the Doors seminal song, The End, and with this we are going to begin our summary of the tournament, as we struggle to come to terms that a whole month has gone by since the tournament began and that we have to wait another 4 whole years until Russia 2018.

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose, the old cliche about Germany came true again except that it took 120 minutes instead of 90, but in the end the outcome was the same, 1-0 to Ze Shermans.

I wrote ysterday that Messi would be asking why once he had lost, and now that he knows, he must be thinking of the lyricsto the anthem from the musical Ebita we all know so well,

"And so for fortune as for fame I never invited them in, though it seemed to all the world they were all I desired, they are illusions, they're not the solutions they promise to be.
The answer was here all the time, I Love you and hope you love me. Don't Cry for Me Argentina."

171 goals were scored which equals the record for the most scored in a World cup finals, but for me the best innovation was the can of shaving foam that, the referees had clipped to their shorts, with which they marked out the 10 yards line that the wall had to stay behind on free kicks. It was such a pleasure not seeing players edging forward to gain an unfair advantage at free kicks.

Of course football being run like the Byzantium empire which it is, a vast sprawling many headed entity, we shall probably not see this innovation in domestic leagues for a while.

What shall we remember the most from this world cup say in 3 years time? I don't think there will be much argument on this, 2 events stand out above all others. The positive footballing one will be the 7-1 annihilation that Germany handed out to Brazil. I know that one of the people who commented on the blog (thanks to all those who did and more of you should, it adds spice and you can remain anonymous) thinks that maybe I wrote the requiem for Brazilian football too early, but there is no doubt, that it is going to take Brazil a while to completely recover from the shame of that performance.

The fear factor is gone and they have no true defenders, back to the drawing board.

The 2nd event was the rather unsavoury incident involving Luis Suarez, biting the Italian defender. Suarez despite his 4 month ban has not done badly, he was sold on Friday to Barcelona for 75 million pounds, yes that is right seventy five million pounds, you can convert that into your own currencies, but it is a lot of money anyway you look at it.

Apart from that, the more dedicated football fans will remember, the goal by James Rodriguez against Uruguay and perhaps the header by Robin Van Persie for Holland against Spain.

Life and football go on, the domestic European leagues start next month, qualification for the club European champions League actually began during the world cup and the Euro 2016 to be held in France qualification macthes start in September.

I  have had fun bringing you my musing on the wonderful game and I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

Until the next time, Auf wiedersehen


  1. Wiggi, thanks for your entertaining, enlightening and perceptive commentary. Good job. You'll have so much free time now... no matches no watch, no blogs to write... what will you do?

    1. Thanks Simon
      I will have to go back to watching cricket all day, which is my day job.
      It is a hard life