Thursday, 10 July 2014

Mea Culpa

This will be short and a preview of the final will appear on Sunday

I am known for being someone who does not shy away from saying what needs to be said.

The game last night between Argentina and Holland is one of the reasons why football is not popular in the US of A. Americans don't understand how 120 minutes of utter negativity can be seen in a positive light and to tell you the truth, neither can I. It was almost as if, that after the 7-1 between Germany and Brazil, the 2 teams agreed, that is not going to happen to us. Both sides were so intent on not losing that they forgot, that the idea of the game is to win.

The reason for the title of today's blog is that as the 2nd half began, I decided to go to sleep on the couch relying on my extensive experience of watching these type of games and passed up the opportunity to be bored to death. I set my alarm to wake me up in time for penalties and I woke up at 119 minutes and 30 seconds, seeing that I had been fully vindicated in my decision and was able to enjoy the shoot out.

I just want to mention that the Argies did it again and made the Duch wait on the pitch for 90 seconds just as they did in 1978 as I wrote yesterday.

So we are left with 2 games, the completely meaningless third place final on Saturday night between Brazil and Holland, and the final on Sunday between Ze Shermans and the Argies.
The 3rd place final raises the possibilty of the away team having more fans in the stadium than Brazil the hosts. I don't see many Brazilian fans turning up for that game and in fact I wonder who the Brazilian manager is going to pick for that game which will also probably be his last game in charge before he is put out to pasture.


  1. Think you have to allow for a certain amount of tiredness at this stage in the comp. But yeah if both teams are happy for it to go to pens, one of them will be punished for not going for the win!

    The penalty shootout alarm clock was a good plan...

  2. You're 100% correct. Soccer - I mean football - is not going to win a lot of new fans with matches like Holland-Argentina.

    It's a bit of a disgrace that in a semi-final, both sides decided that their main goal was to avoid being Brazil.

    Especially in light of the fact that stat wiz Nate Silver claims that penalty kicks are basically a "crapshoot":