Thursday, 3 July 2014

France V Germany, their Nemesis (and 3 other games)

56 games down, only 8 to go (and one of those the 3rd place final is irrelevant)  it has been a breath taking tournament so far, fantastic goals, the biting incident and much more.

The 4 quarter finals which are due to be played on Friday and Saturday feature the following match ups. Brazil V Colombia, Holland V Costa Rica, Belgium V Argentina and Germany V France which is the game I will concentrate upon here after a very brief look at the other games.

Brazil V Colombia,  Colombia have been the team of the tournament so far, they have scored the goal of the tournament to date, but in historical terms at least, it doesn't look good for them. They have only beaten Brazil twice in twenty five attempts. They seem to go weak at the knees when they face Brazil which is what I am going to do on the predictions for these games. All too close to call.

2 to look out for
Cuadrado #11

David Luiz #4

Holland V Costa Rica. the Costa Ricans have been the surprise package this year exceeding expectations. they have done well to get this far, but will they be able to beat the Dutch who are top scorers so far. One of the Dutch goals for you to enjoy

2 to look out for

Robben #11

Ruiz #10

Belgium V Argentina

Belgium, have got this far without impressing but they have a very talented squad. Argentina have also not been impressive to date but any side containing Messi can not be taken lightly.Should be a good one.

2 to look out for
Courtois #1

Di Maria #7

Germany V France

The Battle of Waterloo 1815, The Franco- Prussian war 1870-71, WWI, WWII and most relevantly to us the world cup semi-final between France and W Germany in 1982.

Germany are France's Nemesis and to quote from the film snatch.

"Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution maifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by (and here I will paraphrase as the original is a bit of an 18 certificate) something horrible Ze Germans"

I mention all these as I don't want one anyone to be under any false impressions. These 2 nations do not like each other, don't believe all the rubbish about European unity or a rapprochement between these countries. they are rivals for the leadership of Europe at every level and in football as in war there is previous.

In 1982, France faced W Germany in the world cup semi final, the game went to extra time. France stormed into a 3-1 lead only for the Germans to draw level at 3-3. This led to the first ever penalty shoot out in World Cup history which Germany won 5-4.

However despite all the excitement I've just listed in this excellent game, it will be always be remembered for the German goalkeeper, Harald Schumacher clattering into the French defender Patrick Battiston. Schumacher made no attempt to play the ball, he just took Battiston out of the game in the type of play that Ann Coulter would like. Battiston suffered concussion, a broken jaw, and had 2 teeth knocked out.
The referee didn't even award a free- kick but rather a goal kick to Germany.

In my opinion this was far worse than any Luis Suarez bite.

The French have been excellent so far, the Germans as to be expected methodical. Gallic flair versus German efficiency. How can you pick a winner from these 2 when you want both of them to lose.

2 to look out for

Valbuena #8

Kroos #18

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