Wednesday, 20 June 2012

What Do You think So Far

So the group stages are over and before we look forward to the quarter-finals, a time for reflection and a chance for you the reader to get involved with my best and worst moments etc

Biggest surprise; It has to be Greece, I don’t think anyone saw that they would qualify and it has given the Greek Nation a welcome ray of sunlight with the mess they are in economically.

Biggest disappointment; Another no Brainer here, Holland, no points and only two goals, this is not in the surprise category because they did have a hard group, but they have been rubbish for such a talented group of players.

Best Team; again no room for discussion, the Shermans, the NationalMannSchaft is as well oiled as ever and in Joachim Loew and Hansi Fricks they also have the best turned out coaches.

Here’s one open to discussion, best goal so far, the contenders are, Ibrahimovic’s against France, Balotelli against Ireland, and the Polish bloke with the ridiculously long name who scored against Russia. I am going with the pole because the other two goals were meaningless in the context of tournament.

Worst miss so far, there have been plenty, I am discounting those efforts where the player hit the ball straight at the keeper Like Badstuber against Holland or Nani against Holland but I think Ronaldo’s miss against Denmark must win the prize, the most expensive player in the world clean through on goal, he had to score.

Worst decision so far, well again pretty easy. It was a goal plain and simple. (Ukraine v England) What the fifth official was watching will remain a mystery to us. Perhaps he was looking at a pretty Ukrainian girl in the crowd.

Best fans; has to be the Irish, they came in their thousands, drank tons of beer and never stopped signing in support of their team, despite them being the worst team in the tournament. Roy Keane wouldn’t agree with me.

Worst haircut, I think Balotelli wins that award,

Anyway let us know if you agree or disagree or if there were any other categories I should have included. The Previews will start tomorrow

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  1. ronaldo's was best goal. and he had the worst misses. germany is best team, although noone has shown dominance.

    and there are lots of pretty girls in the ukraine- the ref can't be blamed