Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

One more game, being played tonight, to decide the line up for the semi-finals. Over the weekend so far, a couple of things have been confirmed. Germany look the best team in the tournament, they scored four and could have had more and that was with resting three of their first team. Did you see Frau Merkel celebrating, gave me goose bumps.

Spain is officially boring to watch, they scored an early goal and spent the rest of the game making those one or two yard passes to each other without trying to score. Apart from one through ball to Fabregas, neither goalkeeper really had a save to make. The English commentator summed it up nicely, Spain anesthetize the game, which doesn’t only put the opposition to sleep but the audience as well. The French did not turn up and reports of tension in the dressing room have returned. The Portuguese with Ronaldo, will be a much stiffer examination for the Spanish.

Italy and England will face each other tonight for the dubious pleasure of facing the Shermans in the second semi-final. The two nations do not have much of a footballing history, they have never faced each other in games that really matter. Italy beat England in the third place playoff in the world cup in Italy in 1990, but who cares about that.

Let’s have a bit of fun and play the Good, the Bad and the Ugly based on the famous Spaghetti Western.


The Good- they have managed to find ways to win, Welbeck’s heel and Rooney Hair transplant, which leaves a goal off somebody’s backside, the next option.

The Bad, they can not retain possession of the ball, this is not good as it is difficult to play without the ball.

The Ugly, Joleon Lescott, he was in a terrible car accident when he was five, being dragged along the road by a car that had hit him. It makes a scary sight for opposing strikers.


The Good, nobody gave them much of a chance before the tournament due to the match fixing scandals raking Italian domestic football.

The Bad, so far there is no bad

The Ugly, the center back, Chielinni, has great a nose for a defender and he smiles when he kicks you, but as he is not playing due to injury we shall go with Balotelli and his hair do

The press in both countries has been going on about how England now play like an Itlaian team of old, very organized and disciplined. This is partly attributed to the fact that the manager Roy Hodgson was manager of Inter Milan in the 1990’s and has a good understanding of Italian football.

The worrying thing for England is that Italy has only lost twice in the last twenty four years when they have reached the knockout stages of a major competition. They are like a bottle of Chianti, they improve as they go on.

Anyway it should be fun, and we of course hope for an English win, to set up a semi against the old enemy, the Shermans.

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