Friday, 29 June 2012

Forza Italia

Last night’s game is worthy of its own post so here we go. The title of my last post was a reference to the words Julius Caesar was supposed to have said before he crossed the Rubicon on his way to become ruler of Rome. It was my allusion to the belief that Italy would prevail against Germany, but I did not want to say it outright, it teaches me that one should go with ones gut feelings.

A word to the Germans, I have a number of readers in Germany and I say to you today that I know how you are feeling today but have no empathy. I will explain. I am a fan of Leeds United, a team that is reviled around the world despite having had periods of success. Two things about Leeds, they also came second a lot when they should have one and their fans are amazing. One of their most favourite chants, has the following words.

We are Leeds, Super Leeds, no one likes us we don’t care.

Today my Shermans, that is the attitude you must adopt, for when Super Mario blasted his second goal, the camera panned from a picture of him shirt off, almost saying to the crowd “come on, who’s next I’m ready”, to a shot of a German fan crying in the crowd. Most people around the world enjoyed that moment, they love to see Germany being beaten and their fans in despair.

Italy was magnificent, they should have won by more and in the second half as they missed chance after chance, one had to wonder if the Shermans would capitalize on their profligacy in front of goal. The Italian team signing of the national Anthem before the game had to be seen to be believed, first of all they all seemed to know the words (even super Mario)and they belted it out with gusto. The words to the anthem follow and they are a great battle cry.

Italian Brothers, Italy has awakened,

She has wreathed her head With the helmet of Scipio.

Where is Victory? She bows her head to you,

You, whom God created As the slave of Rome.

Let us band together, We are ready to die,


Italy has called us.

(repeat previous four lines)

(author’s note, there were a number of Scipio’s in Roman history , the most famous being the victor Over Hannibal of Carthage, Rome’s great enemy)

We shall look forward to the final on Sunday.

Forza Italia

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