Saturday, 14 June 2014

Eng er Land Eng er Land (just a slight bias)

Before we look at group D, the result between Spain and Holland, shows why we love this game, I don't think anyone in the whole world expected that result (5-1 to Holland) even the most biased Dutch person.

Football even at the highest level is so unpredictable

Group D kicks off on Saturday with the game between Uruguay and Costa Rica (15/6 19.00 GMT).
Uruguay won the world cup the last time it was played in Brazil in 1950 as well as the inaugural event which was held in Uruguay in 1930. They are led by Louis Suarez, you can love him or hate him but you have to admire his skill, especially at biting people which he has now done twice (at least where he has been caught)

His fitness is a bit unknown but they should have too much firepower for the Costa Ricans who are playing in their 4th world cup.

Prediction  Uruguay to win

The 2nd game sees En_ger_land V Italy (15/6 22.00 GMT).There are very few professional pundits who think that England will make it out of this group. I do not claim to be a professional pundit and I do believe( my heart beating my head) that England will advance to the next stage.

The game is due to be played in a brand new stadium in the middle of the Jungle at Manaus. Nobody knows why the Brazilians built a stadium there. After the 3 games due to be played there, it will turn into the proverbial white elephant. It is stiflingly hot and humid and these 2 European teams are really going to struggle with the conditions.

The Italians are notoriously slow starters in tournaments and for once England has a team full of youth and pace, perhaps they may catch the Italians with their togas down.

Prediction Going out on a limb, England to win or at least draw

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