Friday, 13 June 2014

An interesting foursome Group C Preview

This group consists of 4 teams from 4 continents, which should guarantee 4 very contrasting styles of football. We start with Columbia V Greece (14/6 16.00 GMT). Columbia have a potted history in the world cup, they were supposed to host it in 1986 but it was taken away from them due to economic reasons. In 1994 one of their players, Andres Escobar who shot and killed purportedly by the drug cartels a couple of days after scoring an own goal. At least he didn't suffer the Medellin necktie, a particularly gruesome way to go much favoured by the cartels.
On a footballing front, they are remembered for some interesting hairdos

and their famous goal keeper El Loco, who performed the strangest save ever seen in world football.

They finished 2nd in South American qualifying and could do well.

Greece, are almost an anti football side, very dour and unappealing to the eye, a reflection of the current state of the Greek economy. They don't concede many goals, but they don't score many either.

Prediction  Columbia to win

On Sunday , we have Ivory Coast V Japan at the unearthly hour of 01.00 GMT.  If ever there was a clash between contrasting cultures then this is it. I look forward to seeing the Japanese, mainly diminutive in stature, match up against the far larger Africans, one thing we know, the Japanese won't be daunted. Ivory Coast are probably the best team in Africa at this moment in time. It is just a shame that because of the hour, not many people will see this game. Perhaps we may get a rendition of the Toure brothers chant, which is very popular round the world especially on youtube.

Prediction, I want to sit on the fence on this one, but if I have to then Ivory Coast to Win

The preview for group D will appear an hour before the first game at 18.00 GMT tomorrow

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