Monday, 13 June 2016

Group D ( Cro, Czech Rep, Tur, Spa)

The Holders make their bow. Apart from that, this is a rather dull group to preview so we shall keep it short.
Instead I will be writing a special post where I shall pontificate on the fan violence that has taken place so far in France and how it reflects the European reality at the moment. 

Spain were the first team to ever win consecutive European Championships. When they won in 2008 it was the heralding of a new era in World football, as they went on to win the World Cup in 2010 and the Euros again in 2012.
They are still a good team but are definitely on the downward slope, this does not mean they can not do it again but it will be difficult. They should however certainly advance from this group.

We then have the two C's, Croatia and the Czech Republic, two Eastern European sides with a westward leaning in their football. Since Croatia first qualified for either a World Cup or the Euros in 1996 after independence in 1991, they have qualified in 8 out of 10 attempts which is a very impressive feat. 
The Czech republic also has a solid footballing pedigree, although their strong Pils beer is better known and probably better liked.

This leaves us with the Turks, they will not be happy to be called the whipping boys of this group (or perhaps they will)
but they are the least likely to progress to the next stage.  
The Turks, however, like nothing better than when they are up against a wall as was evidenced in qualifying when they squeezed through in the final minute of their final game.

Spain, Croatia and the Czechs to carry on from this group

Four to watch

Cech the East Bloc Tank commander

Koke The Real Thing ?

Modric Puppet on  a string

Tosun the Turkish Bath attendant

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